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Give, Sell, Hire is a website and soon to be an app, that is about to change the way in which we donate, sell and hire almost any and everything you no longer want or need.
We at Give, sell, hire wanted to create a single marketplace to support these 3 functions so that you the user don’t have to spend time trying to do all three functions elsewhere!
Though the name itself is self-explanatory we wanted to let our users and prospective partners know that this app and website will not only be for single users but for businesses too! So even more people can benefit from using our services to reduce fly-tipping and serve the communities we live in.
Nowadays there are apps and websites where you can do all three functions separately but not all in one place! So, Give, sell, hire will be the ONLY place you can be charitable by giving or donating items, sell items for profit and hire out items from local business owners and fellow service users without being taken to an external site. This is where Helping you, helping others really comes into play as we are helping you to get rid of unwanted items as well as helping others to do the same and even get some really cool second hand or even new things.
We are a trio of young Londoners with years of experience in music, education, performing arts and community projects from youth work to private tuition.
We came up with the idea to create give, sell, hire as part of our desire to see social change and engage communities in bettering the conditions we are living in; especially in Central and Greater London. We noticed that fly-tipping has become the norm, where perfectly good mirrors, furniture and even mattresses where being abandoned on the side of roads and even in parks and open spaces which has had a grave impact on the appeal and wildlife within our communities.
We aim to eradicate fly tipping for good! Of course this can’t be done without the help and support of our app and website users, but ultimately we want to see a steady decrease in the fly tipping trends in and around London and even world-wide.
Did you know that fly tipping has risen over 15% in the last 2 years in England, which seems quite small right? The original figures show that there were around 1 million incidents of fly tipping in the UK between 2016 and 2017 so any increase is a big increase let alone 15%!!
By using the app and website to get rid of things in a more environment-friendly way, we can definitely get those fly tipping figures down and continually decreasing. We would also like to introduce a ‘report fly tipping’ function on our app and website to enable anyone with the app to report any fly tipping incidents they have seen, straight from their mobiles!
We plan to launch a mobile app compatible with iOS and android in the near future, to make it even easier for service users to give, sell and hire.
We’re always on the hunt for new collaborative partnerships to help us find new ways to engage and encourage people to use our services to improve our communities and urban environments.
Want to get in touch to find out more? contact us via email at hello@givesellhire.com
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